At the age of four Pete Collis, founder of Rhinovelo, began his fascination of bikes as he sat on one for the first time. By age eight the bike passion was well underway as he was so intrigued by the mechanics and structure of bikes, he had begun to fix his own bike. By age twelve he was racing BMX bikes, at fourteen track and road racing and at twenty had reached the first category road racing level.
During his successful twenty-five year career as an Aerospace Engineer with Rolls Royce, Pete lived and worked in the UK, France, Germany, Middle East, USA and Asia. Not only did he experience different cultures and environments, he also joined local cycle clubs and raced whenever time allowed.

After three decades of cycling on a multitude of bikes over varying terrains and in wide ranging temperatures, Pete decided to change career and get into his passion.
It was at this time that he discovered fat bikes and became excited about how they could be ridden to explore new environments. After evaluating a couple of brands models with some long term testing, he saw their limitations and thought he could design a better bike.

Given his engineering experience, capability and passion for bikes – Rhinovelo was born with an objective to deliver engineering perfection and design excellence.